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OCT . 21 2019
Peking University, Oct. 19, 2019: Under the theme of “A World without Borders | The Future is Now”, Peking University International Culture Festival (ICF) 2019 kicked off on October 19, attracting domestic and international students from 58 countries and regions.

At the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony for the ICF started at 9:30 a.m. in Peking University Hall Plaza. This year’s opening ceremony gathered distinguished guests from numerous organizations and government sectors, along with foreign diplomatic envoys from Pakistan, Malaysia, Greek, Latvia, Bulgaria, Nepal and more.

At the opening ceremony, Peking University Vice President Tian Gang extended his warmest welcome to all guests. Tian stressed that it is universities’ mission to inherit and innovate cultures, promote cultural exchanges and facilitate international cooperation. Tian added that the theme of ICF 2019 is in concert with PKU’s Global Development Strategy which was issued in May.

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Tian Gang

Carson Mulligon, who comes from the United States, spoke on behalf of international students. Mulligon started with the story behind his Chinese name and moved on to his study at Peking University and his life in China. Drawing upon his experiences, Mulligon encouraged everybody to immerse themselves in the festival.

Carson Mulligon

Hu Min, a representative of Chinese students, said when one’s perspective is confined to a small area, it is difficult to empathize with other cultures, thus causing various conflicts and upheavals. Hu believed that the world itself is borderless, so she called for tolerance, respect and appreciation of different cultures. “I hope all the young people at Peking University are able to demonstrate their global vision and broad-mindedness,” Hu said.

Hu Min

During the festival, one of the most eye-catching sites was the stage that had been set up for students from different countries to sing, dance, and give other traditional or modern forms of performances.

International students giving their performances

In the Hall Plaza, there were also individual booths set up for students of different countries and regions where they can showcase their unique cultures through games, food, handicrafts and countless others.

At the fair

Another highlight was “Wonderful Dreams in the Garden”. The new media and art exhibition, embedded with the culture of Kunqu Opera, was a collection of artworks from several artists who attempted to employ technologies for the vivid display of Peking University landscapes. Peking University Vice Council Chair Ye Jingyi spoke highly of the exhibition, admiring the effect of new media and advanced technologies on presenting an amazing view of PKU campus.

The new media and art exhibition

In addition, PKU Geeklab offered a variety of special interactive experiences for participants, introducing them to state-of-the-art gadgets, allowing them to see, touch, and interact with the cutting-edge technologies and inspiring them to ponder the philosophical and ethical issues these new technologies incur as well as the new possibilities they bring about.


Peking University Youth Forum was also held during the ICF, with the theme of “Innovation – the Power of Youth”. The forum gathered over 100 youngsters, diplomats and scholars from different cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas on innovation, creativity, mission and responsibility.

The Youth Forum

In the evening, the final of PKU Top 10 International Students Singing Competition 2019 was staged, with 13 international contestants singing passionately and treating the audience members to a thrilling rendition of songs sung in different languages.

PKU Top 10 International Students Singing Competition

First held in 2004, the International Culture Festival is one of the best-known flagship events at Peking University, witnessing the diffusion of different cultures on campus. It is also a festival that transcends cultural and racial barriers, enabling students from different parts of the world to gather together and learn more about each other.

Written by: Qiu Kanghua
Edited by: Huang Weijian

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